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communications for technical support purposes - mandatory
communications about updates or release of new versions for the audiogames in our catalogue, or in general about news or information pertaining to such audiogames, or about the publication of new audiogames
communications in case of promotions available to purchase our audiogames

I declare to be of age and to be able to enter into a legally binding agreement - mandatory

Dear Sir / Madam, the data you provide - name, surname and e-mail address - are collected for the purpose of
- keeping the registration of the purchase in order to communicate the activation code to the interested party of a game purchased in case of loss
- sending communications in case of release of updates or new versions of the audiogames in the catalog, or in general of technical news related to said audiogames
- sending communications in case of publication of new games, or the availability of promotions for the purchase of these audiogames
The Data Controller is the Audiogames Association (, represented by Ivan Venturi (info@audiogamestore .com), President of the Association. Responsible for the processing of data is Mirko Venturi, Treasurer of the Association.
All the above data are necessary to provide our service and have not been and will never be shared with any other company or entity without prior communication and request for authorization to the interested party.
Your data will be registered in a database hosted by the related cloud service. All Aruba servers are located in the European Union. Every precaution has been put in place to minimize the risk of undue access, cancellation, modification or appropriation by unauthorized third parties. In the event of theft of the aforementioned data, or of the disclosure of the same, as soon as the data controller becomes aware of it, a communication will be sent to all interested parties.
Data will be kept until you ask for the cancellation or the modification by email to the Data Controller. In the event of a cancellation request, all the audio games purchased by you may cease to function, and in any case the Association would be unable to assist you in case of technical problems related to the audiogames themselves. Your request will be satisfied within 15 days. Any reason for dissatisfaction or protest can be reported by you to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data located in Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121, 00186 Rome, tel. +39-06-696771, email address: Known the purposes and methods of processing the data that I am required and knowing that at any time I will be able to request the modification or - when possible - the cancellation, I consent to their treatment.

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